Decathlon MH 100 Camping Tent 2 Person - Grey
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Product details of Decathlon MH 100 Camping Tent 2 Person - Grey

  • Easy assembly/dismantling: Free-standing structure. Simple pole installation.
  • Capacity: 130 X 210 cm bedroom. (2 x 65 cm sleeping bags) Maximum useful height: 105 cm
  • Eco-design: We only dye one thread in two to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Easy transport: Dimensions of the cover: 54cm x 16cm x 16cm / 8L. Weight: 2.4kg
  • Heat reduction: Flysheet and ventilation at the back. Not equipped with Fresh technology.
  • Darkness: UPF 30 fabric: lets in daylight and filters out some UV rays.
  • Wind resistance: Withstands 40 km/h winds (Force 5): validated in wind tunnels on a rotating plate.
  • Waterproof: Water column (Schmerber): Flysheet > 2000 mm. Groundsheet > 5000 mm.
Number of users: 2 Person
Storage space: Without storage space
Number of rooms: 1 room
Living area: Without a living area
Assembly type: Assembly with poles
Frequency: Occasional
Weather Conditions: Mild weather
Rain: Heavy rain
Wind: Light wind
Quantity: 1 U
Dimension: 2.2m X 1.4m X 1.12m
Pitching/striking: Standard dome assembly: the bedroom is pitched with the poles, and the flysheet is then fastened on top. Reverse procedure when dismantling.If it is windy it is advisable to attach the guy ropes that are provided in the tent bag.
Mattress compatibility: We recommend you use the tent with the self-inflating or trekking mattress measuring a maximum of 65 cm wide. We do not recommend the use of inflating mattresses above 6 cm deep in this tent due to the reduction in living space and resistance to condensation.
Ventilation: 1 upper rear air vent. Correctly position the lateral tent pegs to maintain a space between the flysheet and the ground all around the tent. The good air circulation between the bedroom and the flysheet will limit the natural phenomenon of condensation.
Waterproofing: All Quechua tents are validated in a laboratory (whole tent under 200 L/hour for 3 hours), as well as in the field. (2000-mm rated PU-coated polyester flysheet, 120g/sqm polyethylene groundsheet, all seams are sealed with thermobonded tape). A breathable polyester bedroom under the flysheet means you don't come into contact with the condensation that forms naturally on the inside of the flysheet.
Wind resistance: We test all of our tents in a wind tunnel on a rotating table to expose each side of the tent to the wind. A well-assembled tent with all the guy ropes properly deployed around the tent should remain habitable with a wind speed measured at 40 km/h near the ground (Force 5).
Environmental benefit: why is my product grey?: Textile dyeing requires a lot of water but also produces waste water from the dye baths. To reduce this impact on the environment, we use only one mass-dyed yarn out of every two (Bi-ton), reducing our consumption and our impact on water. So that's why your product is grey.
Warranty/After-sales service: As designers and users who love our playing field, we care about the durability of our products, that’s why all our tents are designed to be repairable. Spare parts and pole repairs are available from your Decathlon in-store workshop or on our website. If you have a problem, have your tent looked at in your nearest Decathlon shop.
The product contains: - 1 bedroom - 1 waterproof flysheet - 2 poles - 7 tent pegs - 4 guy ropes
Storage advice: After use or cleaning, wait until the tent is perfectly dry before putting it away in order to avoid bad smells and mould.
Country of origin: Bangladesh